Divine Mercy Chaplet DVD/Digital Download Combo
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This prayer experience combines the prayers of the Divine Mercy Chaplet with physical movement to fully engage the body and soul in receiving God's gift of Divine Mercy, and to be instruments of mercy toward others. The chaplet is often said as a rosary-based prayer with the same set of rosary beads used for reciting the Holy Rosary.

And just what is Divine Mercy? As reflected by Christopher West, "It is exactly what the Latin word for mercy, misericordia, points to - a “pain or misery” [miseria] “in the heart” [cordia] that moves God to implicate Himself in your suffering. It is more than forgiveness. He enters in every way into our fallen human condition, redeems and renews it! Only one who is both truly God and truly man can pull that off . . . that is exactly Who Jesus Christ is!

Runtime: 30 minutes

Format: NTSC DVD and MP4