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VIRTUE (n) “Behavior showing high moral standards.”

Catholic christian virtues are the habits and dispositions that help us reach eternal union with God. Living virtuously deepens our relationship with God and others, and helps us become fully who God created us to be: made in His image.

The Rosary is a powerful weapon and blueprint for growing in virtue. When we meditate on the Mysteries and virtues of the rosary, we are slowly and imperceptibly transformed more fully into the image and likeness of the heart and mind of Jesus and Our Blessed Mother.

The Examen of Virtue® through the Mysteries of the Rosary is an invitation to cultivate a deeper intentionality of living virtuously, and thanking God in advance for the opportunities each day presents to put these virtues into practice. May God and Our Blessed Mother reveal to you your witness of virtue and continue to guide you on the path of living virtuously.

“All of us can attain to Christian virtue and holiness, no matter what our life work may be.” - St. Francis de Sales